1607: A New Look at Jamestown

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By Karen Lange

Photographs by Ira Block

The year 2007 is the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in the Americas. Both national and regional attention will be focused on this fascinating episode in American history.

Karen Lange's gripping narrative incorporates analysis of the latest discoveries from the Jamestown site. The text has been researched with the help of National Geographic grantee Dr. William Kelso. The pages come alive with Ira Block's stunning photography, detailing newly discovered artifacts, and highlighting authentic Jamestown reenactments. Compelling new theories, a National Geographic period map, and stunning reenactment photography take us back to Jamestown in 1607, where the course of our country's history changed forever.

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  • Hardcover Edition
  • Publisher: National Geographic Kids
  • Publication date: February 13, 2007
  • Pages: 48
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