7th Grade Earth Science Lab Kit

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Lab Kit
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This lab kit provides specialized materials needed to complete the experiments in the 7th Grade Earth Science Lab Manual (part of the Oak Meadow 7th Grade Earth Science course). Additional materials needed to perform the labs are those commonly available (all required lab materials are listed in the lab manual appendix).

Please note: This lab kit is not included in the 7th Grade Package.

What's Included

The following items are included in the 7th Grade Earth Science Lab Kit:

  • balloon
  • candle
  • compass
  • drinking straw
  • food coloring blue
  • gravel
  • magnifying glass
  • metric ruler
  • paper cups
  • wooden stakes
  • push pins
  • radish seeds
  • sand
  • string
  • tweezers

Additional Materials Needed:

The following materials are also needed for this course and are NOT included in the lab kit. In most cases these are common household items. Please plan in advance so you have these materials on hand when they are needed.

  • plastic milk container
  • large pan or bucket
  • marker
  • clock or watch
  • modeling clay
  • measuring cup
  • towel
  • scale
  • knife
  • glass jars
  • paper towels
  • peeler
  • knitting needle or sharpened pencil
  • spoon
  • beeswax crayons or chewy candy in several colors (such as jelly beans or Starburst)
  • plastic bags
  • wooden mallet or small hammer
  • tin foil
  • metal spatula
  • cast-iron skillet or heavy oven-proof pan
  • soil 1 cubic foot
  • dead leaves dried grass and small rocks
  • grass with root systems intact approximately 15 cm or 6-inch square
  • large rectangular plastic container or baking dish
  • shovel
  • houseplants
  • bottle cap
  • metal can with no lid (such as a soup can)
  • thermometer
  • spoon
  • clear long-neck glass bottle (such as a soda bottle)
  • quart glass jar (small-mouth Mason jar)
  • rubber band
  • index cards
  • paper plates
  • wind vane
  • journal