The Oxford Book of English Short Stories

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Edited by A.S. Byatt

Works by Thomas Hardy, Penelope Fitzgerald, D.H. Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, P.G. Wodehouse, T.H. White, and many more are included in this eclectic selection of short stories. The stories range from comic circumstances to a tragedy with an unexpectedly satisfying ending, from a haunting tale of the search for happiness to a delicious, tongue-in-cheek romp that cuts through pretense and pretentiousness. Each well-crafted story offers a revealing look into this expressive and powerful art form. Editor Byatt provides a brief analysis of the stories that showcases each writer’s unique voice.

For short story lovers and anyone unable to resist the enchantments of the English imagination, The Oxford Book of English Short Stories offers a wide array of unforgettable pleasures, now reissued with a fresh, contemporary feel.

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Table of Contents

Introduction, A. S. Byatt
The Sacristan of St Botolph, William Gilbert
The Haunted House, Charles Dickens
Relics of General Chassé, A Tale of Antwerp, Anthony Trollope
A Mere Interlude, Thomas Hardy
Little Brother, Mary Mann
Two Doctors, M. R. James
Behind the Shade, Arthur Morrison
Wireless, Rudyard Kipling
Under the Knife, H. G. Wells
A White Night, Charlotte Mew
The Toys of Peace, Saki
The Tremendous Adventures of Major Brown, G. K. Chesterton
Some Talk of Alexander, A. E. Coppard
The Reverent Wooing of Archibald, P. G. Wodehouse
Solid Objects, Virginia Woolf
The Man who Loved Islands, D. H. Lawrence
A Tragedy in Green, Ronald Firbank
A Widow's Quilt, Sylvia Townsend Warner
Nuns at Luncheon, Aldous Huxley
Landlord of the Crystal Fountain, Malachi Whitaker
On the Edge of the Cliff, V. S. Pritchett
A Dream of Winter, Rosamund Lehmann
An Englishman's Home, Evelyn Waugh
The Destructors, Graham Greene
The Waterfall, H. E. Bates
The Troll, T. H. White
The Blush, Elizabeth Taylor
At Hiruharama, Penelope Fitzgerald
My Flannel Knickers, Leonora Carrington
Enoch's Two Letters, Alan Sillitoe
Dream Cargoes, J. G. Ballard
Telephone, John Fuller
My Story, John Fuller
The Kiss, Angela Carter
The Beauty of the Dawn Shift, Rose Tremain
Solid Geometry, Ian McEwan
Dead Languages, Philip Hensher

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