Living by Chemistry, 3rd Edition

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By Angelica M. Stacy

Designed to help all students to learn chemistry Living by Chemistry is a full-year high school curriculum that incorporates science practices with a guided-inquiry approach.

Students of all levels will gain a deep understanding of chemistry with this program. With Living by Chemistry students learn chemistry in the same way that chemists work by asking questions collecting evidence and thinking like scientists. Living by Chemistry is the product of a decade of research and development in high school classrooms focusing on optimizing student understanding of chemical principles.

Author Angelica Stacy assisted in the development of the NGSS standards and served on the AP Chemistry redesign committee. She designed Living by Chemistry as an introduction for students who will take AP Chemistry or additional college classes. The curriculum was developed with the belief that science is best learned through first-hand experience and discussion with peers. Guided inquiry allows students to actively participate in and become adept at scientific processes and communication. These skills are vital to a students further success in science as well as beneficial to other pursuits. Formal definitions and formulas are frequently introduced after students have explored scrutinized and developed a concept providing more effective instruction.

LBCs innovative curriculum offers much more than traditional programs. To help engage students of all levels the curriculum provides a variety of learning experiences through activities discussions games demos lectures labs and individual work.

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  • Hardcover Textbook
  • Publisher: W.H. Freeman & Company 3rd Edition
  • Publication date: 2022
  • Pages: 832
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