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About our Digital Curriculum

This product is a digital ebook version of our printed Critical Media Literacy Coursebook. The digital curriculum is for use on electronic devices and cannot be printed or shared.

Please allow 2-4 business days for us to grant you access to your digital purchases. Digital eBook will be accessible through the Kitaboo platform.  

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Course Overview

Course Length: One Semester

Suggested Grade Level(s): 9, 10, 11, 12

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Critical media literacy is about learning how to critically engage with, and make sense of, the media. This course helps students develop the analytic tools needed to examine media content and make more informed choices as an active audience. Critical media literacy is grounded in social activism because it is inherently about making change. Studying media critically and learning how the media industries operate in the world often leads to changes in personal media consumption.

Students develop the critical skills to analyze, deconstruct, and reconstruct media messages. They will look “behind the scenes” to examine who owns, produces, and distributes the media as well as how media producers decide who is represented (and how they are represented) and who is left out. Course topics include media history, “fake news,” social media, data mining, and media representations of politics, the environment, race, gender, sexuality, class, family, and ability.

Additional Materials Required

The following books will be used to complete the coursework for Critical Media Literacy:

Product Details

  • Publisher: Oak Meadow, Inc. 
  • Publication date: January 2023
  • Pages: 128
  • Format: Digital ebook