World Geography

Course Length: Full year   |   Suggested Grade Level(s): 9, 10

The study of world geography involves understanding the natural forces that shape our planet and the interactions between people and their environment. It’s about how human activity can modify the surface of the Earth itself and inform the region’s culture and inhabitants over time. This course is also about acquiring information from disparate sources, like maps, statistics, news reports, and literary accounts, and integrating it into a comprehensive understanding.

This course is designed to be textbook-independent. This means that the course is driven by questions and inquiry that challenge students to become researchers and critical thinkers. The coursebook does not include specific page numbers in the textbook to reference. Instead, we encourage students consult a variety of resources in their learning. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to use a wide variety of sources such as non-fiction books, websites, films, textbooks, journals, novels, artwork, news archives, etc. The course can be used in conjunction with ANY world geography textbook or other research materials.