Foundations in Independent Learning with Printed Heart of Learning

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(Includes PRINT version of The Heart of Learning.) This online teacher training program is designed to introduce parents and teachers to Oak Meadow’s philosophy and curriculum in preparation of implementing our academic program in schools enrichment programs homeschool cooperatives self-directed learning centers or for independent homeschooling.

This course is based on an educational philosophy that is child-centered and holistic. It provides strategies for encouraging students to be invested and engaged in their own learning and to focus more on the process than on the product. It is not about what to teach as much as it is about how to approach the teaching process. Foundations in Independent Learning is filled with both inspiration and practical guidance and presents a new way of looking at the role of the teacher and the student/teacher relationship.

In this course you can expect to:

  • Explore relevant perspectives of the learning process.
  • Gain insight into how to best support independent learners.
  • Understand how to use the OM curriculum effectively in a variety of settings.
  • Explore best practices and useful tools in distance learning.

This course has six modules each of which requires about two hours to complete. At the end of each module are reading and writing assignments that will help you gain a deeper understanding of the material and integrate it more fully into your teaching. This course is asynchronous and self-paced and is designed for independent use. You can begin anytime and move through the material at your own pace. Working through the course with other parents or teachers is highly recommended as it will open additional opportunities for discussion and exploration of the material.

Modules are integrated with readings from The Heart of Learning by Lawrence Williams. (Note: When working in groups each participant should have a print or digital copy of The Heart of Learning by Lawrence Williams.)


  • Foundations in Independent Learning (digital)
  • The Heart of Learning (print copy)

I have been using Oak Meadow for five years and my friend is just starting this year with her five-year-old. After two modules we both have found this course helpful and inspiring. For my friend it has helped reduce her anxiety about Can I do this? and How do I fit it all in? For me the information on active learning writing in margins and prioritizing has provided ideas on how to handle some issues I have struggled with over the years. Thank you for this course!
~ Oak Meadow parent

This online teacher training program requires Internet access. Click here for information on digital access conditions and more.