All Year Round

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By Christine Fynes-Clinton and Ann Druitt

Packed with beautifully illustrated ideas, All Year Round is an inspirational guide to celebrating festivals in the Waldorf tradition throughout the year, from Candlemas to Christmas and Midsummer's day to the winter solstice.

Following the cycle of the four seasons, each section includes a calandar of key festival dates, related folklore, myths and customs, ideas for the seasonal table, and lots of crafts, games, stories, and recipes. Each season offers a wealth of really imaginative and unusual country crafts and activities which celebrate nature's bounty. Summer highlights include skipping games, giant soap bubbles, creating a water wheel, and cooking rose-petal jam, while autumn has kite flying, conker skittles, baking a harvest loaf, and a gnomes' bonfire party. Each project comes with a list of materials, clear instructions and line drawings to illustrate the whole process. There are also ideas for stocking a festival store-cupboard, and a chapter of festival stories.

All Year Round invites you to start celebrating now! Observing the round of festivals is a creative, enjoyable way to engage with nature, and bring rythm into family life.

"Delightful illustrations, hundreds of things to make, recipes to enjoy and songs to share make this book a real family treasury."  The Green Parent

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