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A Parent's Guide for Teaching Soprano Recorder

Students continue to develop their recorder playing skills by learning how to read notes and time signatures. Music theory and songs to learn are presented.

In this course the notes learned are F-sharp E F C-sharp high G high F-sharp high A high B high B-flat E-flat D-sharp and G-sharp. Each new note will be introduced by showing the placement of the fingers on a drawing of a recorder and the placement of the note on the staff.

Advanced Recorder is intended for students who have made their way through Beginning and Intermediate Recorder from Oak Meadow or who have some experience at holding the recorder fingering and reading sheet music.

The type of recorder we recommend is a soprano recorder with Baroque fingering. For more advice on getting started read Tips for Playing the Recorder on our blog.

View a sample of the recorder book here.

Listen and play along!

To assist you in your exploration of the recorder we provide music recordings for each of the songs included in our Recorder Songbooks here.

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  • Publisher: Oak Meadow Inc.
  • Publication date: 2022
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