6th Grade Math Package

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Curriculum Package
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What's Included

A complete answer key is included in the workbook.

6th Grade Math Overview

View samples of our 6th grade curriculum here.

Oak Meadow's 6th grade math provides a rigorous course of math skills and concepts.

Building on previous knowledge the coursebook includes step-by-step explanations and examples designed to support the independent learner. Skill review lessons appear throughout the course providing the opportunity for students to gain confidence and familiarity with the material.

The accompanying math workbook includes all the practice worksheets and tests. Learning checklists at the end of each test encourage student reflection and self-assessment and identify where extra help is needed. Regular mental math warm-up exercises help students develop a facility and flexibility with numbers. A wide variety of extra practice worksheets are included in the appendix of the math workbook organized by skill to maximize study time and allow families to customize their learning experience.

Topics covered in 6th grade math include:

  • Using the four processes with fractions and mixed numbers
  • Using the four processes with decimals
  • Multiplying and dividing decimals by 10 100 and 1 000
  • Converting between percentages fractions and decimals
  • Calculating percentages
  • Measuring distance weight and volume
  • Squares and square roots
  • Perimeter radius diameter and area
  • Area of irregular shapes
  • Equations with missing numbers
  • Factors and prime numbers
  • Order of operations