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About our Digital Curriculum

This product grants you a 4-year long subscription to a digital ebook version of our printed 6th Grade Math Workbook. For your convenience, you can now print individual worksheets from this digital workbook. Please note that the ebook only allows single-page printing, and you cannot print the entire workbook. 

Please allow 2-4 business days for us to grant you access to your digital subscription. Digital eBooks will be accessible through the Kitaboo platform.  

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Workbook Overview

Sixth grade math provides a rigorous course of math skills and concepts. The 6th grade math workbook includes all the practice worksheets and tests. Regular mental math warm-up exercises help students develop a facility and flexibility with numbers.

Skills include converting between percentages, fractions, and decimals; perimeter, radius, diameter, and area; area of irregular shapes; equations with missing numbers; factors and prime numbers; and order of operations.

This workbook contains answer keys for 6th grade math work in the appendix. 

View samples of our 6th grade math curriculum here.

Additional Materials Required for Math

The following items are needed to complete 6th grade math:

Product Details

  • Publisher: Oak Meadow, Inc. 
  • Version date: 2024
  • Pages: 424
  • Format: Digital ebook
  • Subscription Length: 4 years