Storymatic Kids!

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Six gazillion stories in one little box. Which one will you tell?

No wires. No screens. No batteries. Just pick a few cards and let them lead you into a story. How you tell it is up to you. Write it, draw it, sing it! Play by yourself or in groups. Perfect for early writers, parents who need some fresh bedtime stories, teachers who want to nurture creativity, and grandparents who want to play with the kids.

  • 360 cards = gazillions of stories (includes 20 blanks so you can invent your own prompts)
  • Content is appropriate for children and anyone who's a kid at heart.
  • Comes with a booklet filled with prompts, games, and suggestions.
  • Light and portable with a vintage design.
  • Wild cards prompt you to go in all kinds of fun ways.
  • Cards have rounded edges-- easy for small hands to hold, fun to “build” stories.
  • Made in Brattleboro, VT
  • Ages 5 and up

“Such a great choice for improving storytelling skills.” – Forbes

“These 360 cards can take you in an endless number of directions.” – TIME for Kids

“Inspire young bards with fun creative-writing prompts. Will your next protagonist be a jump-rope champion or the tooth fairy’s sibling? Pick a card and find out!” – Scholastic


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