Parenting for Social Justice: Tips, Tools, and Inspiration for Conversations and Action with Kids

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By Angela Berkfield with co-authors Chrissy Colón Bradt, Leilia Raven, Jamie Lynn Kessell, Rowa Parker, and Abigail Healey 

In 2015, social justice educator and activist Angela Berkfield held her first Parenting for Social Justice workshop. Now it is time to share those tools and inspiration. This book discusses race, class, gender, disability, healing justice, and collective liberation, initiating age-appropriate and engaging conversations with kids about social justice issues. Included are ideas for taking action as families, from making protest signs and attending a local march, to trying healing meditations and consciously connecting with people from different backgrounds. Resources for further learning and activities that readers can engage in on their own or as part of a group.

"Parenting 4 Social Justice is a great tool for parents committed to breaking the silence about "isms" in our society, bringing together a rich collection of resources, real-life examples, and guided opportunities for reflection. Wherever you are in your social justice journey, there is something here for you to learn!"

— Beverly Daniel Tatum, Ph.D., author, Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? and Other Conversations About Race

"Parenting 4 Social Justice is an excellent resource for preparing young people to survive, thrive, build community, and work for justice. It gives adults the tools they need to combine their love for our children with their love for the world. The authors' stories are honest and insightful, the conversation examples are helpful and reassuring, the reading/listening/watching resources are invaluable, and the taking action suggestions are varied and doable. I'm excited to recommend this book to everyone who hangs out with young people and can't wait to give out copies to parents, teachers and youth workers I know"

Paul Kivel, educator, activist, author of Uprooting Racism and Boys Will Be Men: Raising Our Sons for Courage, Caring and Community 

Author Angela Berkfield was a Putney, VT local, where our offices are located, and was a co-founder of The Root Social Justice Center. Cancer took her from this world too soon in 2021. Her family, and all of the work she has done, alongside this book and The Root Social Justice Center, continue to spread her light and message.

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