Latin American Literature

Course Length: One semester   |   Suggested Grade Level(s): 11, 12

This course explores the history, geography, and stories of the people whose lives and identities have been influenced by borders. Students have the opportunity to hear voices that have often been marginalized and experience them via literature, film documentaries, podcasts, art, music, and other media. Students will examine borders of all types—physical, cultural, and psychological—and analyze how borders make an impact on individuals and groups, particularly in terms of Latin American populations. The course is also a journey in self-discovery because it asks students to consider their perspectives and experiences and apply the ideas and themes in the literature to their own life and understanding of the world.

This course touches on social issues, politics, and other difficult topics, which can be complicated to navigate. The books in this course were carefully chosen to reflect the themes of the course and present an accurate, realistic portrayal of life. Some of the books contain adult language, violence, and other mature topics. Adults are encouraged to read these books ahead of time so they are prepared to support their student.