United States Government: By the People, for the People Coursebook

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Course Overview

Course Length: One Semester

Grade Level: 11 12

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In this single-semester course traditional topics related to U.S. government (the Constitution three branches of government federal and state governments etc.) are covered as well as lessons on media and bias research methods evaluating resources philosophies of government citizenship landmark cases of the U.S. Supreme Court infrastructure and tribal government. Reflection and discussion prompts are included as well as background information on lesson topics to supplement research/textbook reading. Project-based learning involves a student-designed project that is developed throughout the semester. This is a textbook-independent course---any U.S. Government textbook or other resources can be used to gain familiarity with lesson topics.

Additional Materials Recommended

The following materials are recommended for use with this coursebook:

* This course is designed to be textbook-independent. The course can be used in conjunction with ANY US Government textbook (one or more) or can be completed by relying on a variety of research materials rather than a single textbook. The United States Government: Our Democracy textbook is available for purchase if needed as a resource. However please be aware that the coursebook does not reference specific page numbers from this textbook.

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