United States Government: Our Democracy Textbook

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United States Government: Our Democracy allows high school students to master an understanding of the structure function and powers of government at all levels. Students will develop an appreciation for the value of citizenship and civic participation as they learn and apply the principles and beliefs upon which the United States was founded.

This U.S. government textbook is designed to focus on significant concepts through an accessible print student text centered on essential questions and inquiry. To enhance comprehension each lesson includes a Reading Help Desk aimed at assisting students in building vocabulary refining reading strategies and strengthening note-taking skills. The textbook also encourages analytical thinking and compromise skills through features like Debate and Deliberation.

Oak Meadow does not provide a license for online access but it can be purchased by homeschoolers or educator from the publisher's website.

Product Details

  • Hardcover Edition
  • Publisher: McGraw Hill Education
  • Publication date: June 30 2016
  • Pages: 952
  • Product dimensions: 8.8(w) x 11.2(h)
  • Item weight: 4.85 lbs