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The following materials are included with the seventh grade package:

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7th Grade Overview

View samples of our 7th grade curriculum here.

In English the 7th grade curriculum emphasizes composition skills and helps students express themselves clearly and creatively in writing. Students continue to develop their grammar skills through a detailed study of sentence structure and common writing pitfalls.

Seventh graders gain a global perspective through a study of world history. Students reflect and write about the people behind significant historic events. Studying the literature of the time encourages a flexibility of thinking and perspective. Art activities include art history world music pen and ink drawings and collage.

In Earth Science students study Earth and its natural processes phenomena and interactions between systems. Students apply what they learn and observe in hands-on lab investigations and activities related to astronomy geology meteorology and environmental science. Emphasis is placed on learning about Earth’s natural resources and thinking creatively and critically through practical solutions to current environmental issues. Lab investigations (included in a separate lab manual) guide students in actively exploring concepts building skills and gaining experience in observation data collection and analysis and drawing conclusions supported by evidence.

Seventh grade math builds on previous skills in a carefully scaffolded approach. The coursebook includes step-by-step explanations and examples designed to develop skills and prepare the student for higher level math. Regular skill review lessons give students time to gain confidence and familiarity with the material. The accompanying math workbook includes worksheets tests and extra practice worksheets organized by skill to allow students to customize their learning experience. Skills include simple and compound interest signed numbers graphing inequalities on a number line probability in a series third and fourth roots circumference and area of a circle applying and transforming formulas applying and identifying functions ratios and proportions scientific notation and graphing a line on a coordinate plane.

Projects crafts and activities include:

  • Write a biography of Amelia Earhart
  • Memorize a Shakespearean sonnet
  • Interview people who lived through the Great Depression
  • Be a dictator for a day
  • Learn a freedom song from the Civil Rights movement
  • Keep a sky journal